About Siemreap Lottery

Created in 2001, Siemreap Lottery was established to generate revenues for state programs through the sale of lottery products (games). Those products, or "games," as they are more commonly known, range in variety from Scratch tickets, in which players discover if they are an instant winner, to "draw" games in which players wait for the random drawing of numbers to determine if they have won. Lottery staff is dedicated to providing new, innovative, and fun games for players to enjoy. New Scratch games are launched as frequently as once a month, with players having a choice of more than 10+ games a year to experience.

All payments on the site are made through registered and recognized payment modes including credit/debit cards, netbanking, use of e-wallets etc.

License is issued for a period of 5(five) years subject to compliance of prescribed conditions to be renewed every year. The first license was issued on 20th December 2005. So far, the department has issued license to 3(three)+ firms. Each licensee provides their dashboard details to the Licensing Authority to facilitate supervision of activities of the license.

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